10 Reasons why Affiliate Marketers Don’t make It.

Posted on September 5, 2012


  1. You spend all your time reading about too-good-to-be true affiliate success stories and dreaming about what you’ll do with your millions, and don’t start any of your own projects.
  2. You surf around on Facebook, as well as other social sites and pretend you’re working.  You’re not!
  3. You don’t really want to put any work in, and keep on looking for get rich quick schemes.  They don’t exist. They don’t work, and you keep on getting sucked in by promises of riches beyond the wildest dreams.
  4. You come up with good ideas and don’t what to do next.
  5. You keep on registering domains and researching for niches but a paycheck never comes.
  6. The first thing you try doesn’t work, so you give up.  Do Not Give Up!!
  7. You have a small success. You rest on your laurels rather than keeping pushing on.  Much to your surprise your business doesn’t succeed.
  8. You can’t quite work out which of your ideas to pursue… so you do nothing.
  9. As a new Affiliate Marketer you decide to dominate the world of  Non traditional Affiliate Marketing and despite the big commission’s available you soon learn that 50% of nothing is just that nothing.
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