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Posted on October 21, 2012


Vacations are necessary for all of us. They allow us to escape from the everyday, and help us replenish the mind, body and spirit. This escape helps us to be better in our everyday roles as parents, partners, children, and friends! It gives us time together to relax, rediscover, and reconnect. Vacations improve our health while creating memories that will be shared for years to come. They provide us with a reason to be together, to enjoy, to play, and to laugh – the most important things in life.


Decide on Your Next Vacation Destination: You can’t start budgeting  for your next trip until you know where you are going.  Find a place and set a date. Your vacation is what you make of it!

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Research Your Trip: As the vacation draws closer, begin your research a few months in advance.    When do you want to leave (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday have the cheapest airfares)?  Choose a budget option for hotels to save money.  Look for package deals.  Travel offseason.  Know when to buy your airfares (Tuesday afternoons have the best deals).  Know when peak travel days are.


Create a Budget For Your Trip: Planning a budget for your trip is key.  Decide how much you want to spend on your vacation over all. Then consider how it breaks down each day regarding meals, excursions and stuff like souvenirs, and be sure to plan in advance.


Try an All-Inclusive Resort: The upfront cost covers almost everything like food and resort activities. While there are adult only resorts available many will often have children’s activities for kids of all ages. All-Inclusive Resorts can save you money.


Social Media: Sites like Twitter and Facebook are great at finding travel related deals.  Connecting with others in the area your visiting is a great way to get local information and potentially saving you money as well.


Book a Condo: Not only do these lodgings offer more space for the money than hotel rooms, but they also come with kitchens. That makes it easy to cook breakfasts and dinners, thus saving on restaurant bills.


Join a Travel Club: A Travel Cub Membership provides you the ability to save thousands of dollars each time you take a vacation, the cost of your membership can be paid for in just a few holiday escapes.

Here is a video about the Travel Club I belong to: . I just booked a trip to Vegas for Christmas week and it was only 349.00 for the whole week at very nice resort. So check it out!

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