8 Tips for finding a travel membership – discounts on resorts – cruises- theme parks

Posted on November 9, 2012



1. The number one benefit of having a travel club is obviously the discounts off of regular resort prices. 

  2. Your travel club membership isn’t just for resort rooms.  My travel membership has all types of different vacation packages including luxury resorts, hotels, condos, cruises, theme parks and much more.

  3. Many travel clubs will pay you big bucks just for sharing the information with others. 

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4.  With a travel club membership you pay a heavily discounted weekly rate, not per person or per night like a hotel. Some rooms will sleep 4 to 8 people; there is a major savings here.

5. You have the freedom to travel thousands of resorts unlike owning a single timeshare, where you pay big money to stay at one location.

6.  Travel club memberships allow you to visit resorts and vacation multiple weeks per year. Depending on your membership level you could be vacationing as many as fifty-two weeks a year.

7. Members of a travel club can book their holidays quickly.  During peak or holiday seasons you can book your vacation without having to pay inflated prices or worry that you won’t get a room.

8. Having a travel club membership allows people from all walks of life and families of all sizes to enjoy true high-end resort luxury and a lifestyle that is usually only reserved for the wealthiest travelers.

Check out this video series on Resort Travel.  http://myresortbiz.info

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